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 Arthur Kogan

Place of birth & birth date:

Chernovci,Ukraine-January 29,1974 Current residence:
Spain since about 5 years;
But I spent more than 20 years in Israel ( I immigrated from Ukraine when I was 2 years old!) ,and I had the luck to stay 3 years in France (Cannes, Tulouse and Paris) 1 year in Prague ,8 months in Switzerland, half year in Ljubliana (Slovenia) and Budapest...
And many other great places around the world!

Marital status:

Married since 25 of July 2003! (with women international master Plachkinova-Kogan Tatiana).I am proud to be a father of  a wonderful girl called Carolina (born in 2004 )and of a sweet boy called Rafael ( born in 2014).

My chess style:

Playing for harmony to make all the pieces smile! ( positionally and tactically ..)
Especially with aggressive , tactical , inventive and creative chess!

Favorite Openings:

I like many openings .I've tried practically most of them .But I've used above all ,with big success:  Sicilian (Taimanov) Sozin Attack with white,Rossolimo (with both colors!) and a s black the Volga Gambit ,Nimzo, and the Scandinav defense. (often I made it to be an attack:-))

Chess heroes that influenced me the most:

World Champions GM's Alechin ,Fischer, Smyslov and Tal...ok, also Kasparov!

When and how I achieved my chess title:

1991 Biel - 1st International master norm and Loyds Bank - 2nd International master norm

1993 Groningen 3rd International master norm
1994 Kecskemet (HUN) 9 points out of 11 -1st Grandmaster norm
1997 Koszeg (HUN) 8 p. out of 11 - 2nd Grandmaster norm
1998 Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) 9 p. out of 12 - 3rd Grandmaster norm

Major tournaments and match results:

1981-1989 Winner of  Town open championships in Israel of Bat-Yam, Holon , Rishon-Lezioh, Petan - Tikva...and many junior events...
1989 -World Championship under 16 - 2-4th place
1994 - Saanen cat 5- 2nd place
1994 - Lenk 2nd place before GM's Gofshtein , Georgeio...
1994 - Draw with Kasparov in Simul
1995 - Winning the CZE league with a team of Prague,
1995 - 3rd place in open Ch. of Slovakia
1996 - Winning the Team Championship of Israel -with Elitzur club ,( scoring 8,5 points out of 10)
1996 - Formie (FRA) 1st place (5,5 points out of 6)
1996 - Vlissingen - 1st place ( 6 points out of 7 ) ,before GM's like Ehlvest , Hort, Bagirov...
1996 - Sas Van Gent open (Holland) -1st place
1996 - Israeli Championship - 4th place (6,5 p. out of 9)
1996 - Ischia (Italy) -1st place (7 p. out of 8)
1997 - Pak Atom Cup (Hun) - 2nd place ( 7 p. out of 11)
1997/98 -Team Championship playing with Nice - 2nd place
1998 - Ljubliana (Slovenia)- share 1st place with Avruch & Sax ( 7 p. out of 9)
1998 - Pyramiden cup( Germany) - 1st place ( 7 p. of 9) before Gm's like Hickl ,Onischuk ,Hamdouchi
1999 - Ljubliana , share 1st place ( 7 p. of 9 ) with gms Sveshnikov, Kozul, Kujraica
2000 - Cannes Master (Fra) - ; Beating GM Nisipeano (who just came back  finishing 3th in the world champion in Las-Vegas!) 2-0! , losing 1/2 final to Savchenko 3,5-2,5
2000 - Almassora (Esp) - 1st place ( 7 p. out of 9 )
2000 - Cutro open ( Italy ) - 1st place (7,5 p. out of 9 )
2000 - Quebec open Ch ,Montreal - 1st place (7 p. / 9)
2001 - Nordic Scandinavian open Championship ,Bergen - 1st place ( 8 points out of 9! )
2001 - Lisbon ( Portugal ) - 2nd place ( 7 points out of 9 ) with Oratovsky -after GM Piket ,before Gm's like Atalik , Kotronias , Ftachnik...
2001 - Salou Costa Dorada close tournament ( Spain ) - 1st place ( 6,5 points out of 11)
2002 - Genove ( Italy ) - 1st place ( 7 of 9 )
2002 - Merida ( MEX ) went till the 1/4 final after beating GM Lalic in the 1/8 1.5-0.5...
2003 - Zaragoza open - 2-3 place ( 7,5 points out of 9 )
2003 - Winner of Aragon Championship with the team of Olivar (4 points out of 6) first board
2003 - French Team Championship ( 2nd division ) with club of Evry ( 6 points out of 7 ) at 1st-2nd board

2003-Close tournament Costa Dorada-3rd place

2004-International Open tournament Dos Hermanas-3rd place

2004-International tournament of Salou-shared 1-2 (2ºplace with 7p out of 9)

2004-International Open of Benasque- share 1-5place( 2ºplace with 8points out of 9)

2004-International Tournament of Tarragona -shared 1-4place ( 2ºplace with 7p out of 9)

2005-Shared first place in Paris open

2005 Tarragona open 1th place!

2006 Ashdod open (Israel) Shared first place with Sutovsky and Smirin!

2006-Ashdod Open(in Israel) shared 1ºplace with Sutovsky and Smirin

2007-International tournament Poble de Lillet- 1ºplace (7p.out of 9) http://www.jeruchess.com/chess/koganniko/kogang0.htm

2008-Bornholm International (3ºplace)


2009-Champion of Israel team Ch.

2010-   Champion of Israel for teams with Ashdod and of Bulgaria with Vidin http://dejanbojkov.blogspot.com/2010/06/bulgarian-team-championships.html

Second place in Frannch league with Evry.

2010 Xanxenxo,Spain - 1th place

2010-Champion Copa Tarragona

2011-1er en Internacional tournament Torredembarra

2011-Captain and trainer of the Italian Olympic men team with a historical result on the Europen team championship.

2014-winner of the I International tournamenr of  “Centro Goya Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”( Spain)

2017- winner of the International tournament of the island La Palma(Spain)

2018- winner of the I ligue of Catalan team championship with the club 'Escola Escacs Salou'

2019-winner of the Isrealy team championship with the club of Ashdot.


Blitz- good results:

Won Games against Gm's Adams ,Grishchuk, Van - Wely...
Winner of Israeli blitz ch under 20
3rd place in Israeli Blitz Champinship 1999
1-2nd in Zurich 2001 9 p. of 11 ...2 times 1th in Vendrell rapidas etc…

Important rapid chess results:
Geneve 1994 1st place with 6.5 of 7
2 times Ramat -Gan (Isr) ch Open:
(7 points out of 9 ) share with gm Smirin before Gm's like Psahis,Yudasin,Sutovski,Huzman...
(6 points out of 7 ) before GM's like Golod , Oratovsky, Huzman.....

Bilbao 2001 ( 8 points out of 9!) shared place with GM Strikovich, but won the blitz match against him... 2-0 win in the final ; passing many Gm's like Shirov, Suba , Palac,Damlianovic etc...

Carboneras (Esp) 2002 -win with 7 points out of 8 , Before Bruzon and many other strong Gm's

2003 - Utrera rapid - 2nd -3rd place ( 7,5 points out of 9 )2006 1th in Tamarite Career

2004-2006 -1ºplace in Vendrell

2005-Venaco 1º-2ºplace with Anand! ,having one point more than him and many other famous GM's just before the last round...


2006-1ºplace in Tamarit


2009- Reus 1st place

2010-Copa Tarragona 1st place

My Training Experience:

I am working as a professional trainer (next for being one of the most active chess players in the world!) since many years ( more than 30!)...between my chess students I had European champion under 20 (now GM De Vrougt (Holland)),the European Champion(2008) U18 Xavi Villa, world champion under 16 (now already GM Gershon) ,French women champion and (WGM Marrie Sebag),the champion of Italy Elena Sedina,Gm's Thal Abergel and Nataf some of the stongest players of France,Manuel Palacios and Gavril Draghici-few times champions of Spain of chess for Blind(ONCE),my student Carla Heredia became this year 2nd WGM in her country…and many more!

I worked also as a second of Vlad Tkachiev that two times played world quarter final matches...and a coach of the Dutch national women team in few Euro ch and olympiads, (between them WGM Peng one of the best world women players for years who  was 3th place in last european champ .She won gold medal on 1 board in the European Team championship 2007 and she is 10 times dutch women champion.) I’m actually working as a trainer and a manager of top GM player 2700+ and many other future title players,IMs and WGMs.

I was a coach of Italian national women team in Torino olimpiade 2006 , and also coach-captain of the National Italian men team that got an historical best result in Khanty 2010 and Historical best result on the Chess Olympiad 2012! I also a trainer and captain of ONCE(blind chess players)national team.

I had and have students of any age and chess level , thanks to them I managed to improve my way of teaching and found my own way to help them!

I train many young chess talents and during my chess career I've developed my own chess teaching system (OLALACHESS) based on my experience .This system ,for example even helped to one of my oldest students (64 years old) to win the first tournament he played in his life after only about 20 hours of training and I have more than 30 (!!!) champions between my students!

I had  chess training groups  in Israel,Holland,Spain,France,Italy...

I speak (by order of level!) Hebrew,English, Spanish,Russion and little of French ,Arabian, Bulgarian, Serbian....

My lessons approach:
I believe in a personal approach, discussing with the student his goals, weaknesses, strengths...
Giving him important tips and advices how to  enjoy and in the same time improve his chess as quick as possible!
First step is having a deep look at his (her) recent games ,and than help to fix all the weaknesses one by one and make stronger the good points.

Olalachess is about teaching how to play with a harmony!

I also combine the good old Russion chess school system of showing and explaining important classical games and teaching about typical chess positions.

Why I would enjoy being your Instructor:

I love chess and I like to teach and share my love and passion to the game!
I like to help people to be able to use there potencial and to enjoy more their chess games!

I cooperate with many chess magazines like Jaque,Europechec(France) y Escacs (catalan),SOS (Holand),Chessbase.



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