OLALACHESS=harmony & positive thinking




•Olalachess song LISTEN  


• One of my most favorite OLALA songs: Elvis costello / I want you                   LISTEN  


•Let's enjoy more of OLALA  music! 

Bob Dylan- " I want you"                                                                                            LISTEN  


•  "Ramito de Violetas"-David Brozaaa el grande!                                                LISTEN

•Carla Bruni Madame No. 1 of France singing!                                                        LISTEN


•Clasic song for inspiration! Listen

•One of my favorite love songs:                                                                                                                                      LISTEN

( Leonard Cohen,something in his voice and lyrics made me admire him since my childhood! )


•An Olala song (but video clip is not for under 18!)                                                                          LISTEN

•Another olala song,but what is the language there?!                                                                       LISTEN

•Since many years I consider it as Clearly The best song to start the day: 'I feel good' of the incredible positive energy King :James Brown:

The original: LISTEN or many years later -live: LISTEN

Don't forget to dance with it!!!!!!! (I always did and do!:-))Wink

•We can never forget this two big legends!

James Brown and Pavarotti live! LISTEN

•I believe It's really needed  to be romantic,women love it!


There is never enough love,you can always give more and more...and study to accept and love the poeple, especialy your woman (or man) just the way they are!

Here you can listen and read the great words of Barry White in 'Just the way you are' LISTEN

•I don't know about you,but since being very young I was always looking for satisfaction, traveling around the world, trying to become GM,trying to make many friends,trying to find my love....(and I try and I try and I try! many different things) but in the end I understood that we shouldn't be 100% satisfied,so we can still keep motivation to be more and more creative and discover the unlimited possibilites to enjoy in this life!

Yes,you probably guess is about the Rolling Stones...:-)

I was singing (and dancing!) this song very often during my long travels...

The old version  :LISTEN


•Song that I listen after losing a game....

This doesn't mean that I lose so often.But like human every chess grandmaster sometimes makes mistakes.

Here is some explanation of the song, because it is a hebrew song:


" The name of the song is :"Why to take it to my heart?"

' Leh im ze leat ve az tuhal larutz me hathala... '(Yesh li haverim she ozrim li lismoah!)

( More or less) Means: "Take it easy and soon you can restart all again!" -By two of the Israelis greatest living legends: Arik Ainstein and Shalom Hanoch!

Enjoy it as 'food for the soul' even if you can't understand the words,can you still feel the 'olala'?!... 

Just I hope not to have the need to listen to it too often! "