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Olalachess Students!


In this section you can read about some of Arthur's students and enjoy their  "Olalachess style games"!

Recent student success!!!

>>>Olalanews from my students!

NEW-Olalachess student -Matthie Midonet is the CHAMPION OF MARTINIQUE!!!
NEW Olalastudent with recently dream come true celebrating her historical new title! WGM Carla Heredia Serrano in action! :-)-READ ON

NEW Olala talanted and hardworker student Twan Burg scored his first GM norm! Congratulationsssssss!!!!!!!!


"Olalahero Daniel Navarro López that just won against two 2500+ players in a row!Amazing ,but just proving that if you concentrate on improving and use the magic of Olalapositive thinking (instead looking for excuses...) ---There is NO LIMIT!!! read on


>>> "Olalacongrats for the first IM norm of our Olalastudent Quinten Ducarmon!!! Not so long time ago he was a 2100+ player and suddenly he started crushing GMs! something in the food he eat? or maybe he understood the Olalachess way to make his pieces smile?! hmmm.... Anyway another Olalamission completed and he also passed 2400 Elo! Olala!"

>>> Congratulations to our Olalasamurai Carla Heredia Serrano CAMPEONA del Torneo KUNA ARANDU, Paraguay!!! First place with 7.5 from 9 and unbeatable!


>>> Arthur's student Carla Heredia is nominated for the best sportswoman,because of her national and international success during 2011! >> read more in Spanish

>>> Bravisisismo to Super Carlo Cao ( only 12 years old!) who after winning the title of Cagliari Province rapid Champion (U16) he now also became the Olala regional champion!!! Read on

>>> Arthur's student Carla Heredia is nominated for the best sportswoman ,because of her national and international success during 2011!

NEW Arthur reports:"Good Olalanews about my young Olalastudent Carlo Cao that just won the under 14 title of his province Cagliari , Sardinia!!! Congratulationssssssss!!!"

>>NEW<< CONGRATULATION  to the NEW OLALACHESS GM Xavi Vila who won his last  'GM' at the International tournament in Cannes. He finished on 3rd place and played in a geat Olalachess spirit!        SEE results

• XAVI VILA scored his 2nd GM norm with fantastic olala style-SEE RESULTS -

•  Carla Hederdia   got her 2nd WGM from her last tournament in Hungary!

CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel Navarro (Arthur's Olala Student) for his big recent improvement and great result- sharing first in his last tournament!!!              >> SEE <<

Arthur's chess student  Carla Heredia from Ecuador perform great at the World Chess Championship Sub 20  in Poland.

All the news are published in an important Ecuadorian newspaper.

"Una destacada participación cumplió la Maestra Internacional Carla Heredia en el Campeonato Mundial de Ajedrez U 20 que se desarrolló en Chotowa, Czarna (Polonia) del 2 al 17 de agosto.

Heredia, de 19 años, obtuvo 7 puntos de 13 disputados (54% de rendimiento) con lo que se ubicó en el puesto 27 entre 81 jugadoras. Esto además le permitió ganar 32 puntos de ELO (Ranking Internacional). Actualmente es de 2.080.

La ajedrecista vía correo electrónico comunicó que los triunfos que obtuvo fueron ante jugadoras con mayor ELO. Ante Heredia sucumbieron la Gran Maestra peruana Deysi Cori, quien culminó el torneo en el puesto 12 con 8.5 puntos, y llegó como la segunda ranqueada del campeonato. Las Maestras FIDE: Nestorovskaya Anzhelita (Ucrania); la Maestra Fide Tsirulnk Maritsa (Ucrania); Kulon Claudia (Polonia) y Baciu Diana (Moldavia).

Además derrotó a Lepeskaite Migle, campeona de Lituania; y Hoek Adriana, Vicecampeona de Rusia.

“Esta actuación inolvidable, al ganar a jugadoras de mayor experiencia y competir con Maestras de Rusia, Ucrania, Hungría, Bulgaria, Inglaterra, Alemania y Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, me abre la posibilidad de buscar una Norma de Gran Maestra”, señaló Heredia.

Las partidas que perdió fueron ante una Gran Maestra y cinco Maestras Internacionales, rivales de mayor ELO (Ranking Internacional) y experiencia: GM Corke Anya con 2.257 puntos ELO (13 en la clasificación general); WIM Melekhina Alisa, 2.265 (9) WIM Severiukhina Zoja 2.341 (10); WIM Ohme Melanie, 2.326 (15); WIM Ziazivlkina Nastassia, 2.293 (17) y WFM Toth Sarolta con 2.207 (19).

Heredia, que obtuvo el título MI a los 17 años, fue la única representante ecuatoriana y antes del Mundial estuvo entrenando en Barcelona (España) con el Gran Maestro Artur Kogan.

FUENTE:Periodico La Hora  "

Juan Luis Ramiro-In a great olalachess style he won his II IM norm during the international tournament in La Roda2010(Spain)

•Olalachess student rock with such amazing result once again: BRAVO Luis!!! >> SEE RESULT <<


Kleijn Christov -had  a good olalachess finish of 2009 by getting his 3rd  IM norm!

When he came 1,5 year ago to visit Arthur for an olalachess lesson he promised him that untill 2009 he would make his last IM norm.(Christov had only  2198 elo points! but he was very motivated!). So Bravo for keeping your promise  by getting your last IM norn !!!

Down you can find end enjoy his olala game that show his talent!

Benjamin Bok played in an olalachess spirit and got his IM norm (by being very close to a GM norm !) in his last tournament in Groningen!


-Congratulations to DAN TRATATOVICI!!!             The olalachess student who assist on our special training camp (SEE) in Spain last year .He won 100elo points by following the Olala formula for quick chess improvement!

Part of Dan's letter...

.."After the First Olala course, on September 2008, you told every student that his/her target should be to gain 100 points in the next year. So...my rating on September 2008 was: 2120, and on the last days of September 2009 I saw that my November 2009 expected rating will be: 2225!

What remains is to say: Thank You, Arthur!!!"


The Dutch young sisters Dona Schut (16 years old) and Lisa Schut (14 years old) showed their great chess talent  in Andorra'09 International chess tournament !!! official web Photo report for Andorra tournament on the GM Kevin Spraggett blog-SEE

-WIM norm for Dona showing confident and good chess  !SEE RESULTS!

- High performance for Lisa after beating a stong GM! see results

-Sabrina Vega showed great play and finished with a good result in Andorra!-SEE


Gavril Draghici- an  Olalachess student and a player of the Blind Chess Federation of Spain- has scored a great result during the International tournament of Salou (Spain).See results

He won 50 rating points last three tournament and he showed his Olalachess style .Annotated Game-SEE


Geanfrancesco Pereira- the winner of the Championship of Brasil for amateurs qualified for the half final of Brasil Championship! And deserve the title of OLALACHESS MASTER!-SEE


•Sabrina Vega-   Spanish women champion won her secound IM norm for men!!!Her sister Belinda Vega make her final WIM norm  for more info and games check the tournament site > CLICK<



•Miguel Laguna- New OLALACHESS student  is starting 2009 with great success scoring  7points out of 7 in the Catalan league.It was  his first official event after a break of many years and he already won 100points!


•Dan Tratatovci- OLALACHESS student won against the world top women player who is the reigning women world champion U20!


Katherine Wu - young and talanted USA player who got perfect score of 6 points out of 6games and won the Champion title in K-8 section.Her school team  won 1st place in Virginia State Scholastic & College Chess Championship 2008-2009!The competition included 163 players from 50 schools.

It was not the first success of Kathy.You can read more in "The Washington Post" about  some other great results of this young girl CLICK here


Lisa Schut another talented Olalachess girl from Holand- made her final WIM norm (CLICK) with a great play in one of the most popular

international chess tornaments "Cappelle La Grande"(France)!!!Congratulations Lisa!

Xavier Vila is the new European Champion !  read on