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The News

Olalachess lectures and tournament in Sardegna!

Arthur visited a Sardegna island for a special Olalachess lectures and for taking part in the 1st International Chess tournament 'Torre delle Estelle'.

It was not only a chess tournament.The organizers prepared few very interesting chess events which all chess lovers enjoy!

1.Olalachess Lectures with Arthur.He shared the' olalachess system' with the Sardegna chess players!

2.Match between the best youth  Sardegna player  and the best youth South African player and olalachess student.The match was held in Calgari and many chess fans enjoyed it.Even the legendary player on the photo watches the game!

Can you guess his name?


3.Press conference of the chess legend GM Jan Timman and  GM Arthur Kogan.

4.Chess simuls of the Italian women champion U20 WFM De Rosa Mariagrazia and the many times women youth Bulgarian champion WIM Tatyana Plachkinova.


The great hospitality of the people  and the organization made the event very pleasant! The days with two games per day were hard for all players but somehow the beautiful place ( a real paradise!),the crystal blue sea water,the smiles and  the chess passion of people of the island ,compensate it.

Arthur finally got 'only' third place in Torre de Stella..shared with Timman but  better tiebreak than him!..>>see all results in the official web<<

2 of Arthur's new Olalachess students in Sardegna broke all the limits with first and second places in the B group!!! Olalachess rocked againnnnnn!!!!

Some photos of the Olalaplace!

View from the accommodation Chalet.

The three winners national flags!