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Daily Chess Report Of Euro Team Champ!


Reported by Arthur Kogan(the Olala Captain)


MY OLALA ITALIAN TEAM:(From left to right) Sabino Brunello,A.Kogan,Michele Godena,D.Dvirny,Axel Rombaldoni,F.Caruana


November 1 at 5:33pm

Italy here we are! In Milano, another step in the way to the Olalamission in Greece Euro teams Ch. ! :-)

November 2 at 1:00pm

Chris is back and the Italian Olala team is also back to action soon! We will surely need your support and positive energy-and will do the the best to make our pieces and many fans smile! :-)) Let it be!   >>>> Listen to the legendary song

November 3 at 9:52pm

Italy vs third ranked team and ex Euro champ. Azer. Can we do it??! No limit-just if you believe!!! Let's goooo!

Round 1 vs Azerbajian SEE VIDEO

November 3 at 9:54pm ·

Finally we lost 2.5-1.5 but with great fight and specially amazing super play of Michele that almost won!!! Italian fans can still be proud... show goes on!:-)

November 4 at 12:35pm

Today we prepare to waltz with Wales...1,2,3...just careful not to fall.. :-))

November 4 at 9:19pm

We danced well and... Italy-Wales 3.5-0.5!!! A round with many strange Bishop's move till opponents got confused! :-))

Round 2 vs Wales    SEE VIDEO

GM Fabiano Caruana

November 6 at 8:35pm

Yesterday we drew Slovenia with 4 draws ,but all exciting big fighting games!!! Even Michele fought till King against King! :-))

Round 3 vs Slovenia SEE VIDEO

GM Michele Godena

November 6 at 8:37pm

Today we won a great but tough match vs the ever solid Sweden 2.5-1.5!!! The big hero was Dani that played and make his pieces dance around for almost 6 hours!!! He was last to finish...but with a big win!!! We have same points as Russia,Armenia,Ukraina,Israel etc...so no big complains... :-))

Round 4 vs Sweden SEE VIDEO

November 6 at 10:54pm

Olala! And tomorrow we will play vs... the Holy land, the Israeli team is one of the strongest teams in the world, but show must go on... :-))

November 7 at 8:54pm

Video from Our Olaladay! :-)) Grande Sabino with big mating attack and Fabiano played as a swiss clock! Dani and Michele could do more ,but if the team win-we all win! All for one and one for all!!!!

Round 5 vs Israel


GM Sabino Brunelo


November 7 at 8:55pm

It's not easy when the heart and the brain have some conflict of interests ...but as a professional Olala trainer I had no doubt that my Olalateam can do it ,and... we did it! 2.5-1.5 vs Israel ,one of the strongest teams in the world! One little step forward for Italy ,one big step forward for Italian chess!!! Show must go on!!! :-)>>> Listen to the legendary song

November 8 at 8:18pm

Today we lost to Germany...even losing to such strong teams hurts ...but we have one of the youngest teams in the world ,so let's hope that the experience and study from the mistakes will help us for the magic last 3 rounds! Thanks for your Olalasupport :-))

Round 6 vs Germany SEE VIDEO

November 9 at 10:50pm

And another great win by the Italian dream team vs the strong Moldavia!
Even Russia was lucky to escape against them ,but this time we didn't give any real chance! Great win of Sabino-Messi was the key Goal! Axel proved to be a great goal keeper ,and the rest just went on with the good form! Tomorrow Bulgaria...Olala! :-)

INTERVIEW with GM Arthur Kogan

A big important match today! I hope to feel the support and energy of our Olalafans!!! Italy-Let's gooo! :-))

Round 7 vs Moldavia SEE VIDEO

Italy -preparing for the match

November 10 at 12:33pm
As the famous DJ Axel says: All we need is to make Olala moves like Jagger! :-))

IM Axel Rombaldoni

November 10 at 12:33pm

Is not nice, but we can't be ashamed to lose to such a very strong team as Bulgaria ,but just to study the lessons and get stronger for the last round! Ready or not-Italy, here we come! :-))

Round 8 vs Sweden SEE VIDEO

November 11 at 10:53am

We already did an historical performance, now we have the chance to make it the best ever achieved...is not easy match vs the strong local Greece ,but we will try our Olalabest! :-)) games will start today in about a hour...be ready! :-)

Round 9 vs Greece SEE VIDEO

November 12 at 10:33pm

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!! Historical result thanks to my great Olalateam efforts and amazing fighting spirit!!! Sabino (Messi) scored a great goal again and Dani (Capablanca) saved a hard endgame ,doing about very tough defensive 20 moves as a big,big hero! Italian chess fans should be proud today! :-)) The impossible Mission proved to be possible...again! :-)) (and we have DJ Axel Tom Cruz in the team! :-))

IM Daniyyl Dvirnyy


November 13 at 10:53am ·

After such a big sportive event and great olala satisfaction is time to get back to romantic quiet life...recharge batteries ,share love and simply...smile! :-))

If you master the 'Why' and know 'Where' and 'What' you wish to get -you can see above the emotions horizon that only few can see...and help others get there Olaladreams come true! Nice to be back home knowing and proving again that dreams can come true... :-)

'El OlalaCapitano' Arthur