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The News

Arthur reports from Bornholm!

Hola amigos!

I just finished a tournament in the Bornholm Danish Island ...a nice island. Conditions could be improved,but the organisers did their best and we hope for better next year

I didn't have a good tournament,mainly because losing two winning positions vs GM's Tiviakov (Euro champion,I overplayed him in original creative olala play,but lost my mind,at least with 'good exuse' of playing a simul in the morning!)  and vs Golod  (I managed to miscalculate and make a record of losing a winning pawn endgame in a sudden time trouble when from 4.30 minute I saw just less than 20 seconds on the clock and got panic!)  Is maybe even more incredible to mention that I could draw this two games even after blundering if I wanted, but 'decided' to risk and force too much to finally lose in a 'good olala samurai ' !

OK,maybe just sleeping better (and not on the board!!!)  will solve this problems in the future, at least I hope so!:)

Still I managed to recover a bit after a good finish: Apply

Here are the final results:


Two Olalachess style Russion GM's shared first in the Baltic cup in Bornholm Island!

I 'only' shared third ,but mainly had a nice vacation with my family :-))

Action in Bornholm, from the Local TV chanel! Look the link down:



All the best!


P.S By the way, I scored 9 out of 10! with black in my last 2 tournaments! ....so imagine how bad was my white colour with only 50 %Frown.Even I lost points only to GM's still it hurts!