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Olalachess result

Hola Amigos!

Forget about it, There are no more excuses for bad results! :-)

Nothing could disturb me to mentalise myself (to go for first place!) for few minutes the day before of the open rapid chess in Reus(Spain).
And I had it clear that I come to win and not to 'play' a tournament  even though that usually not having fun is impossible with my usual adventurist rapid chess style...

Even that I had  a very busy week full of work, and a very short night sleep ...(my daughter Carolina also 'helped'  me to prepare by waking me up at 07:30!)

Many of my chess ex and recent students also played in this tournament so  it also helped my motivation! (About 30 % of participants!)

Here are the results:


I was also very happy to see that most my students had great results, few winning vs. players with 200 and even 300 points higher ELO and won all the  Category  prizes!

There was nothing nicer than the many kisses and hugs from my ladies coming back home with the cup ,but my small woman Carolina asked me suddenly:
-'How many games did you win papi??'
I answered carefully : -'hmm,7 games but without a lose!' and Carolina:
- 'So than why you didn't get 7 cups for 7 wins Papi??!'

Conclusion: Women are never satisfied..

You can see one of my last games. Enjoy! -