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The News

Arthur had the best performance but 2nd place in Italy Alimini Open

Arthur,his family  and  some of his students played at the end of May in Alimini Village.Fantastic place and one of the best organized tournaments.
Arthur report :
Back to Spain! --- Final tournament standing:      http://www.scacchirandagi.com/AliminiwwwOpen_A/standing.html


 Matteo Zoldan and his team did amazing (hard) and very creative job and tournament finished with big success! Where can you play a chess tournament with daily sport events ,organised tours, many chess lectures+ great beach and super strong tournament? I myself played 'only' 8 titled players ,5 GM's...still a bit more than expected for 'Olalachess vacation'...but fun and never lost! :-))

 Happily we had big support of many Olalachess fans (including my olalasister that was suprised by the Olalachess lecture) and my wife crushed two strong IM’s including the tournament winner! just missed the deserved norm by few average points...


 OlalaChess students gave a great olala fight to much more expirienced players and won few nice games with smiling pieces!


 My Carolina played her first tournament in life! Was rapid chess and she even won one gameeeeeee!!!!! :)



Olalachess rocked again! :)