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The News

4 Olalachess students results rock again!!!!

4 of my students won or shared first place in one week!!! Olalachess rocks again!!!

Special congratulations:

•to The new youth champion of Denmark Mads Holger Jacobsen ,!!!

"Mads Holger exaplained his win : 'In this weekend I became Danish Youth Champ . I had read all your OLALA rules and... voila 4½ /5! :-) '

Arthur:"Fantasticooooooo! I am happy to be have the chance to help more and more chess lovers to fullfil there Olaladreams! :-)"

Dani Navarro winner with fantastic score of 7.5 from 8 See result


 •Special super big,big bravo to Quinten Ducarmon that shared first place with 2 GM's and pass many others tough he has only 2325 Elo!!! Official results

•And not to forget: congratulations for the super olalastudent and now GM Xavi Vila for a great win in his own town tournament! bravooo!